M/s Refratech Monolithic Engineering Solutions Blo http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 22 Jun 2024 00:13:25 +0530 en-us http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in Acid Proof Bricks – Promising for Great Strength and Durability http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in/blog/acid-proof-bricks-promising-for-great-strength-and-durability_12331.htm Tue, 15 Feb 2022 10:59:10 +0530 Acid Proof Bricks are perfect to use for the low lime formation, feldspar, flint, iron content, or sand. You can contact the supplier online and place your order. Acid-proof bricks are referred to as a special kind of masonry bricks and are considered chemically resistant and durable thermally. They are just the perfect solution for masonry building and flooring which is expected to have been attacked by the chemical plant. The raw materials that are used to create bricks are shale and clay which is appropriate for the formation of low lime, feldspar, flint, iron content, or sand and kept at a higher degree of temperature.Used in Wide Range These kinds of bricks are helpful in a broad range of applications for paving, pit linings, drains, and procedure vessel linings in the Chemical Process business. A good company will first check out the acid brick and coasting. It will make sure about the required repair on inside tanks and floor, etc. The experts first check for the lining cracks, deteriorated bricks, receded mortar joints, and once the repairs get finished, they give a report outlining the job completed and notations on areas that must be looked into the future outcomes. The technical properties of high-quality acid bricks need low porosity, resistance to a wide range of chemicals plus abrasion and impact resistance. Several other properties which include heat resistance to thermal shock are necessary for definite applications.The durability and strength of the acid bricks let their use as useful linings in a broad range of industrial apps. The internal linings to work on the vessels and tanks open them to harsh working surroundings as do floor paving apps need chemical resistance and the ability to stand with the abrasion and impact. In the combination of an acid-resistant membrane, acid resistant brick has been used to defend carbon steel tools and concrete from acidic chemicals. The brick is not just acid resistant as a part of the brick is soluble in acid. The brick just merely serves to decrease the rate at which the acid journeys to the membrane and shell. The previous function of the brick lining is to decrease the temperature at the shell to a point where the acid resistant membrane used will not be harmed by rising temperatures.Acid bricks are often used in engineered personalized vessel linings incorporating unique shaped bricks to provide a lining fitted with stretched mortar-filled joints. Take an example of vessels lined with both special and standard acid brick are sulphuric acid plants, alum digesters, steel pickling lines, pressure vessel linings, ventures, drains, and acid-neutralizing lowest point.The design of acid resistant brick can be based on the necessities outlined in ASTM C279 ‘Standard Specification for Chemical-Resistant Masonry Units’ and more additional features. It includes both clay and shale-type bricks.If you are looking for Acid Proof Bricks Suppliers in India, you can search for them online. There are lots of suppliers working for the benefit of their customers. Everything You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Anchors http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-stainless-steel-anchors_12658.htm Thu, 14 Apr 2022 14:15:35 +0530 Stainless Anchor Bolts are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. A connection between structural elements can be defined by steel columns attached to a reinforced concrete foundation. The corrosion rate of stainless-steel anchor bolts is excellent, especially against chloride ion corrosive stress. The Stainless-Steel Anchor's chromium component makes it suitable for corrosive situations. In this article, you come to know more about Stainless Anchor Bolts.   Uses of Stainless Anchor Bolts   Stainless steel anchor bolts are generally used during civil construction that is around marine conditions. Common materials include 316 stainless anchor bolts.316 Stainless offers a higher amount of corrosion resistance which is often needed for projects that are located around saltwater environments.   Types of Anchor Bolts   There are four kind of anchor bolts: extension, sleeve, bending, and spike.   Extension Bolt   An Extension bolt set flush and vertically (as at the top or bottom of a door) has a long extended rod by which it may be conveniently slid into place   Features   ● 0.3 mm clamp stroke available. ● Appropriate for lost wax, die cast, extruded material, drawn material, and previously machined work pieces. ● By tightening the camshaft the expansion bolt is pulled inside. ● The mouth ring simultaneously from the centre widens in 8 directions and clamps the internal shape of the work piece.   Bolt Sleeve    A tube is designed to surround a bolt in a concrete wall to prevent the concrete from adhering to the bolt. Bolt sleeves are frequently used for many deck installations. When a deck is mounted to a concrete or cinderblock building, it must be linked with a bolt sleeve. This bolt is drilled into the solid wall and provides a method for attaching the mounting boards of the deck.   The bolt sleeve is normally utilised for applications that need drilling in concrete or stone material. A good illustration of this is a pool cover over a concrete surface. The anchored bolts are used to secure the pool cover tight over the concrete area.   Spike Anchors   Spike anchors are a promising way to increase the maximum volume and post-peak load-strain response of externally-bonded fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials for retrofitting concrete structures.   Uses   The Spike is a one-piece, vibration resistant anchor for use in solid blocks or stone. Numerous head styles, including tamperproof versions, and anchor materials are obtainable. The Spike anchor is structured with an “s” shaped layout at the working end of the anchor to generate an expansion mechanism.   Benefits of Stainless Steel Anchors   Excellent corrosion resistance:   Stainless Steel Anchors offer exception resistance to elevated as well as cold temperature conditions that make them an ideal choice for many industrial sectors. The outstanding chemical and mechanical properties of fasteners make them highly resistant to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. The chromium content provides a thin oxide layer formed on the outer surface that prevents degradation and corrosion.    The unusual chemical properties make Stainless Steel Fasteners highly contrary  to corrosive chemical reactions. These fasteners are also contrary to internal and external embrittlement. Stainless Steel Fasteners work accurately in any reducing and oxidizing media.   Self-repairing Feature:   Stainless Steel Anchors have the chromium oxide layer that allows these fasteners to repair from physical damage or distortion. This layer safeguard these fasteners from further corrosion and chemical reactions. This benefit makes these fasteners a perfect choice for corrosive environments and oxidizing media. These fasteners are also resistant to scratches and any other damage.   Flawless Look:   Stainless Steel Anchors have a sleek and appealing look that makes them demanding in the construction and manufacturing sectors. Due to a better look, these fasteners are used in furniture such as beds, cupboards, and other products.   Choose to deal with top-rated Stainless Steel Anchor Exporters and get bolts, screws, nails, and other fasteners exported outside India. These anchors are corrosion resistant and available in different kinds and forms. Let’s Through Light On Functions Of The Refractory Castable http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in/blog/let-s-through-light-on-functions-of-the-refractory-castable_13272.htm Tue, 02 Aug 2022 17:40:42 +0530 With gradual time, man has always moved towardconvenience be it changing the temperature indoors or other mega industries for the manufacturing products. However, fire is one of the basic needs for most activities but the uncontrolled form of the same can also give hazardous results. Looking into that there has been the invention of certain things which can be extensively helpful to mould them as per our comfort zone.   Refractory Castable Refractory is probably the most important element for the insulation of the heat and hence is widely used to serve these purposes. Refractory Castable is a non-metallic substance which is usually in the form of cement and has the exceptional potential to resist thermal shocks altogether. They can retain and insult the heat wave and hence is of great use, especially in the industries.   From the time immemorable people have been using them and forming them in the state of being desirably moulded as per use, however with the rise of industrialization one does not have to put the extra effort has one obtains it in the most convenient form. In other words, it has worked as the best possible shield and has ensured the safety of human life and properties from ancient times.   Where Is Refractory Castable Used There are numerous places where the refractory castable is used and the major one of them are certainly mentioned below: 1) Furnaces and Kilns: One of the foremost places where the refractory castable is used is in building furnaces and kilns. There is no need to reiterate the importance of the furnaces and kilns as some of the most vital things are prepared in the same and refractory castable is the major element for the same.   2) Refractory Bricks: In the fireplaces, grills or oven placed location it is very important to use refractory bricks to ensure the safety and workable environment. Not to mention that the refractory bricks are made up of refractory castable.   3) Steel and Cement Industry: In this industry certain requisite actions are carried out where casting the refractory is very important. So, analysing those spots and refracting them is a crucial step. This not only providesa workable environment but also ensures the safety of the property and precious human lives.   4) Petrochemical Industry: There is no doubt that certain sophisticated chemical reactions are performed in the petrochemical industry which has the calculated risk of excessive heat production or even more fatal results which makes it highly important to refract the place for the utmost security of the same.   5) Construction Sites: In various construction sites, it is extensively used to form the pieces and shapes which are probably not having other affordable alternatives.    So, to put these in lesser words it’s not wrong to say that wherever the excessive heat is suspected to be produced beyond the bearable capacity the refractory castable is used and one cannot compromise or settle for it at any cost. Be it only for the lining inner epidermic or the one whole object,just land for the bestquality of the same by searching up for the finest insulation castable suppliers in India. Ceramic Products Suppliers in India offer Best Quality Ceramic Products http://www.refratechmonolithicengg.co.in/blog/ceramic-products-suppliers-in-india-offer-best-quality-ceramic-products_13703.htm Sat, 12 Nov 2022 12:24:26 +0530 Ceramic Products Suppliers in India are supplying the best quality products. The ceramics can be lightweight or even dense.   The best quality ceramic products have been made for several years through conventional techniques which include oven sintering, extrusion, and casting. Ceramics are commonly made by taking mixtures of clay, powders, earthen elements, and water and shaping them into wanted forms. If the ceramic has been shaped, it is fired at a high temperature which is called a kiln. Sometimes, the ceramics are wrapped in waterproof, decorative, and paint-like substances known as glazes.   As per the formation method, the ceramics can be lightweight or even dense. Commonly, they will should amazing strength and property of hardness. Meanwhile, they are sometimes brittle. Ceramics can even be made to serve as electrically conductive materials, objects that let the electricity pass through their mass, or even insulators, materials avoiding the electricity flow. Some ceramics are similar to superconductors, and also show up magnetic properties. Serveware – They are widely used for serving various food products. It primarily includes serving bowls, platters, casseroles, soup pots, salad bowls, dessert bowls, and teapots that assist in placing the food right away on the table. More utensils that come under the group are serving spoons, ladles, and tongs pair.   Dinnerware – these are rightly sets of dishes that include plates and bowls used in the way of dining. These are prepared of ceramics and are different in size, shape, and color.   Silverware – one more term for silverware is flatware. They are the knives and spoons and forks that are utilized by the individual. They are prepared of steel and may differ in size and shape.   Drinkware – The product in the shape of cups, glasses, and coffee mugs is used for drinking water or wine. They are also offered in various sizes and shapes according to the event. Commonly, dishware is made of different materials such as gold, glass, wood, silver, plastic, acrylic, and pewter. However, earlier dinnerware sets were typically prepared of pottery and ceramic materials. Ceramics is non-metallic, solid stuff that is used in making bricks plates, tiles, and glasses.   Ceramic Products Suppliers in India offer the best quality ceramic products which are made by burning clay at high temperatures. Ceramics are easily available everywhere. Ceramic products are used in daily life. These are non-compressible, brittle, and hard. Ceramic cookware is even helpful for the process of roasting and baking.     The majority of people choose ceramic cookware as these utensils can be used for dry and wet cooking. Moreover, they are non-sticky and stop the burning of food. After usage, they can be cleaned easily. Safe for health   Ceramic has been widely used for more than millions of years and is found healthy l and secure for food. It has been observed that ingredients that form ceramic are called non-toxic. Before placing your order, you should make sure about the reliability level of the supplier. Get the best quality of product at the best price.